R72 Studio is an end to end music production studio based in Coimbatore, India.

About Us

R72 Studio, Music production and recording studio located in Coimbatore. The name of our studio is the representation of the music itself. The significance of the name of the studio ‘R72’ is derived from the reverence for 72 fundamental¬† Ragas of Carnatic music called as Melakarta. Therfore, R72 is a short form for ‘Ragas 72’. After 5 years of excellence in offering post production services for songs and advertisements, the studio was built and born on March 24, 2019. Since its inception, R72 Studio has catered End to End Music Production services to people in Coimbatore and R72 Studio also has delivered its services for clients in parts of India, Canada, USA, France, UK, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia.¬†


Our studio has a Portigo and a discussion room, with washroom facility. The inside of the studio has a recording room and a place for the mixing and mastering. It will accommodate nearly 15 people at a time. The recording studio can accommodate all kinds of instruments and bands.

About the Founder

SreRam Anand is a Self Taught Music Director from Tamil Nadu, India. He has been composing since 2005. He works for Feature films, TV Advertisements, Documentaries, Tele Films and Mobile Games. He has worked in 7 Languages so far.