Studio Rental Services


Do you have a song? Are you a small band that wants to record Guitar and Vocals? Are you an Independent Artist and wanting to record your Violin Solo? Here at R72 Studio, we record for feature films, short films, Advertisements, Album songs and so on. In a quiet and pleasant atmosphere, you will definitely be able to record your works efficiently and we already have many Testimonials for that.

Voice-over & Dubbing

R72 Studio serves happy clients across Tamil Nadu and other parts of the world by providing Voiceover services for Documentaries, Advertisements and other commercial projects. It caters voiceover projects in Tamil, English and Hindi (on prior intimation). If you have completed the video your TVC or feature film and looking for a spacious and flexible environment to dub your project, R72 Studio has a 8*10 spacious Vocal Booth. It's a fully Air Conditioned room that is suitable for dubbing.

Music Production Services

Music Programming
& Film Scoring

Several filmmakers have associated with R72 Studio for music programming and film scoring. We have scored music for Feature films, Pilot films, Documentaries and Advertisements. We have also worked for Independent Songs for programming their own music, and Jingles for TV Commercials and Radio Stations (FM and AM). Music Programming and Film Scoring done in our studio has won accolades and testimonials. We also do Audiography/Film Score mixing in Stereo at our studio based on request.

Mixing & Mastering

When multiple instruments and tracks are recorded and programmed in different times and venues, balancing the gain, eq, adding effects such as reverb, delay, etc.,, glueing similar instruments or tracks as Busses or stems by compressing and applying saturation is very important. This is what we do in Mixing a song or a soundtrack. Finally making all the tracks/stems of a song to sound like one song or one album is what Mastering does to mixed tracks. At R72 Studio, we have worked with several composers both inside and outside the country to mix and master the songs and albums based on requirement.

End to End Music Production

For a hassle free experience, if a song is composed, music programmed, recorded, mixed and mastered under one roof, it will be time savvy and cost savvy as well. This process of easing up things all at one place is something we are proud of doing all these years. R72 Studio has associated with several music composers and filmmakers in doing this art of End to End Music Production. We compose a song here, program it according to the needs and wants of our clients, record it here in our own studio and then mix and master it covering the entire process of Music Production here.